5 Ways to Find Financial Strength

Lisa Elle

By Lisa Elle

It’s not your net worth or how much money you have that determines your financial strength.

I’m guessing that statement runs contrary to what our society believes, but as a trained financial professional, my point of view is different.

As Brené Brown suggests in her book, Daring Greatly, our strength comes from vulnerability and believing that to be true.

I believe our financial strength also comes from a place of vulnerability. Financial vulnerability translates to a balancing act between what we ‘know’ and what we are able to admit that we ‘don’t know’ in regards to our financial situations.

It’s about finding that humble place in the middle – where perfectionism drowns alongside egos and shame dissipates. It’s that sweet spot; where you can dance with and happily balance the ‘living’ with the ‘planning’. Clearly, this applies to more than just the financial areas of our lives.

I’ve spent years in deep thought, applying years of education, floundering, seeking, failing, succeeding, figuring out my purpose, trying to find my place, figuring my whole life out…

…only to feel as though it’s all been a useless waste of time; like I’m back at square one again.

Through it all, this has been my quest: finding financial strength within. It has been years in the making. As a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, I’ve struggled, like most people I know, to find my strength as a woman – and this includes my financial strength.

I am not giving you wisdom from the top of a mountain, because there is no top to anyone’s financial mountain; it’s more like a set of hills you travel up and down, often.

I am however, a pro hill climber, and here are the 5 ways I’ve achieved success along the way as I continuing to find and build my financial strength:

1. Hold on with Open Hands

I think the big secret in life is to hold on with open hands; never hold anything tightly. This goes for people, investments, jobs, relationships; anything we want to control.

Live in a place where life’s riches and blessings of all types are free to come and go. If you can’t leave this earth with it, then it’s probably not yours anyway. Remember, it’s hard to place a gift in a closed fist.

2. Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan – Then Let It Go

Take action.

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you to do something. Live in the ebb and flow of life – make your financial plans, work hard, yet be at peace with things not going your way.

Be paradoxical in mind – knowing you should make plans and set goals and work hard…

Remain focused and committed in the moment, but know that none of it means anything at the end of the day. Be able to admit you’re right sometimes, that you’re wrong a lot, that you’ve succeeded and failed – and then move along.

3. Keep an Abundant Mindset

100% of our financial success has to do with our mindset.

What we manifest financially comes from our mindset. Keep your financial mindset strong and positive.

Abundance wants to flow to you.

Keep reading positive books, blogs and quotes.

Keep writing down your goals – pen to paper (or in my case whiteboard!)

Surround yourself with the people you want to be like.

In my practice, I learn everything about my clients. I not only know intimate details of their financial lives, I also become privy to details surrounding their health and well-being.

Knowing so much about my clients, I see first-hand the deep connection between health and finances.

4. Love Your Money 

Take interest in, and care for, your money. Appreciate it. I’m not saying be greedy or make it your god. I’m saying to be a good steward of the things that you’ve been blessed with. Apathy breeds nothing. Who wants to be around people who aren’t interested in you?

Money’s no different. Treat your money well – seriously. Be thankful and grateful for every cent. Track it. You will manifest more of it. Care for your money, and it will care for you back!

5. Clear Your Money Blocks

I know first-hand when I’m having a money block – it affects my mood, my attitude, my health, and most unfortunately, my smile.

I also know when I’m not feeling well physically, that other areas of my life aren’t doing so hot either, and the downward spiral begins.

There will always be money road-blocks as you journey through life. The quicker you handle them ultimately decides how quickly you will be able to get the desired outcome. Because when money issues arise (and they will) they can wreak havoc on your life including mild depression, weight gain, fatigue, etc.

Acknowledge your money block, own it, declare it, clear it, free it, and let it go. If you give it no power then it has none over your life.

So today, fellow hill climbers, I hope you receive the blessing of my words as you continue building your financial strength within.

Lisa Elle

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