A Vibrational Journey Through Egypt

An email dinged in my inbox and it’s Yantara…”You must come to Egypt on the Sacred Tour and be one of my Co-Organizers”. Well, that sounded exciting, but rather farfetched. After all, wasn’t there a lot of unrest in that region these days? It felt like a distant bucket list item. I just didn’t have my sights set on that at that time.

I met Yantara Jiro on a trip several years ago to Indonesia. He instructed a Vocal Sound Healing Workshop for our group of Body Talk practitioners who came together to work with orphaned children in Batam, elephants in Sumatra and Orangutans in Borneo. My first meeting with this Spiritual Visionary was very memorable; his energy was so peaceful and powerful, that I knew I wanted to bring him to Canada. Yantara now makes Calgary area one of his many stops in his worldly travels.

After a couple of emails, I responded with “I’m in”. The excitement rose with each passing day, getting closer and closer to the departure date for this spiritual journey. Over the years, I have grown more connected with the knowledge and interest in Vibration, Sound and Frequencies for the purpose of healing and this approaching trip to Egypt was to be a defining experience, fuelling my journey and understanding of Sound Healing.

On November 30th I boarded the plane to Cairo with my Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl in hand. After all, could I possibly go on a tour where vortexes abound, that promised sound activation workshops and meditations at sacred sites without my crystal singing bowl?

Arriving in Cairo were 59 very excited vibrational beings who were all thrilled about venturing out for the experience of ancient temples along the River Nile and pyramids. My body was already attuned to the frequencies of such an incredible place and started vibrating upon arrival. Our first introduction to our trip was our entry into the Temple of Luxor. The meditations we did there brought many more visitors in the form of Orbs. Some of the photos that captured the Orbs’ presence looked like we were in a snowstorm. I knew, after seeing these photos that we were in for a phenomenal trip.

Was I actually floating down the Nile on a cruise ship? How lucky were we to be under the light of a full moon on the upper deck of the ship. That meditation, accompanied by a sound bath with 10 crystal singing bowls, was unforgettable. Our trips to the Ancient Temples along the Nile resonated with our chakras. The Sunrise Meditation at Hatshepsut Temple was very powerful. Temple of Horus had me awestruck; I was truly on a journey. The meditation at the Isis Temple was quite profound. Toning as a group intensified the vibrations felt strongly in the physical body. Dendera Temple (Hathor) was unforgettable. Our bowls were played in the Chapel of Nut which uses a Venus Gateway vortex aligning us to the heavens. I was intrigued by the Hathors known abilities to use sound to manifest and construct buildings. That’s it, learning this information helped me to better understand how these massive temples were built…could it be Sound? Several more Temples were explored through physical visits and many downloading meditations. At the end of each day, I lie in my bed connecting with my feelings and vibrations of the day’s experience. Through deep feeling, I knew that this trip was destined to change me in many ways.

Each morning, when we disembarked, my body started to vibrate in anticipation of the next incredible experience. Getting up at 3:00am to get to the site for a private group tour was effortless for all of us. Our early morning sound meditation in the Chapel of Sekhmet at the Karnak (RA) Temple will never leave my memory.

I had several moments of wishing I could bring everyone I knew here to experience what we were experiencing. I think we all shared that wish, as we then did some group meditations and sent it out to the universe. I truly felt the expansion inwardly and outwardly.

The float down the Nile often had me in deep thought and appreciation. A trip for me couldn’t be complete without connecting with the people and their everyday lives that presented themselves along the sides of the river. Lots of manual labour in the fields as they cared for and nurtured their crops. Donkeys carrying their owners and pulling carts filled with the harvest of the day; playful children waving from the shore while the adults expressed welcoming smiles. I realized that it is the people themselves who are so incredible. No matter where we went they were so friendly and so proud of their country. There was no doubt that Egypt is a very spiritual place and that the frequencies of this magical space helped to transform these amazing people. I had heard so much about the unrest here, but I could not see it.

I was sad to leave the peaceful float of the Nile, but the anticipation of flying back to Cairo to experience the pyramids had me eager to go. I was starting to wonder how my bowl and my body would integrate all that we were experiencing. This was a nonstop invigorating trip so far.

Descending into the Step Pyramid (Sakkara) challenged my claustrophobic side, but the trust in the spiritual experience soon arose to then see me in the Chamber. The sound from the vibrations of our toning was louder than I had expected and the orbs were dancing and flying around the chamber. How would it be in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid?

As I stood awestruck by the construction of the pyramids, the question arose within me…as does with everyone who stands in close proximity to them…How were these built and by whom? The answer that satisfied me was quite clear. If vibration was involved in the construction of these structures, just imagine what their off shoot of frequencies and vortexes can do to the transformation of our vibrational bodies. Healing through the increase of frequency could happen on the physical and energy bodies. This was magnified through the toning in the King’s Chamber especially while lying in the Sarcophagus. While in the Queen’s Chamber I did a BodyTalk session on a girl, one neither she, nor I, will forget. There is so much more that I understand now, yet so much more that makes me wonder just how much there is yet to learn and experience.

Could I really be standing between the paws of the Sphinx in meditation? My heart is full of gratitude for the experience that I am having with other spiritual beings. During these grand moments, I would play my crystal bowl and send intention out to the universe for all.

Nature is a very large component to my being. The frequencies that emanate from nature have always impacted me in a positive way. Spending three days in the White and Black deserts were no different. There were little to no trees, nor water. Yet the energies were very powerful. As I looked around in the White Desert, I questioned where I was. This looked like another planet. I welled up with appreciation for our beautiful and diverse planet Earth.

With a greater respect for Egypt, its people and its powerful energies I spent some time in reflection about the meditations, my experiences and all of our sound activation workshops. This life-changing experience has left its mark forever.

I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for these experiences. Every experience expands our awareness and frequencies. I have a very strong sense of knowing that what was energetically downloaded to me and my bowls will be carried forward to all others. When we operate in, and are aware of, this unified energy field that we all share, the healing and higher energies are not limited to those that experience them in these places. So, when upgrades are given to one, they can be felt by all.

I encourage all people to follow their passions for spiritual enlightenment through experiences of vibrational upgrades. Another trip is planned with the focus on reconnecting with the powerful primal energies of nature in the stunning Ancient Forests and Mountainous Regions of Yakushima Island, Japan, April 18-26th, 2015. Why don’t you join us? Information can be gathered through calling the Amaryllis Centre for Healing

Our strong focus is on Sound Healing and is used in all of the services we offer. Yantara Jiro will be offering workshops in August and September 2015 in the Calgary area. We will also be offering Sound Healing Workshops with Tuning Forks at the end of March and we offer a wide selection of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, recognized as the purest in the world. My Indian Pipestone bowl resonated with the frequencies of Egypt and through intention, transferred downloads to all of the bowls in our collection. Book an energizing and healing sound bath and experience the healing benefits for yourself!

Life is meant to be lived and experienced. Create your own reality with the gifts our universe offers us.

By Martha Birkett,
Amaryllis Centre for Healing

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