About Us

The universe brought us together in 2010, when we worked together on the marketing and communications team of a large organization. Despite our differences in so many ways, there was something between Allison that just clicked. We often joked that we should quit our day jobs and start our own business since many of our differences are actually complimentary in the business world, but it was more of a pipedream than a well thought out business plan.

In the spring of 2013, we were no longer working for the same company when I asked Allison to hear me out on a far-fetched idea to launch a magazine focused on mental, physical and spiritual health. It look Allison a full 30 seconds before she smiled at me and said, “I have no clue about spiritual health, but what the hell. Let’s give it a go!”

We published our first issue of Trifecta Mind Body Soul four months later and the feedback from our readership was amazing. We were onto something despite all of the concerns around printing a hard copy magazine in a digital world.

Looking back on the last number of years, we realize now that we were not in the publishing business, but in the business of creating a community.

Trifecta Magazine allowed us to offer a platform for people to share their wisdom, build their credibility and connect with an audience of like-minded people. We expected that, but how could we have possibly known that our 32 page, quarterly magazine would lead to a number of friendships (mostly with women) that mean so much to us?

Five years after our initial Trifecta brainstorming session, we expanded our print publication business to offer additional platforms for women to connect, collaborate and create synergy.

We launched our first What a Woman Wants symposium June 2018 where we brought together over 200 women for an evening of self-care.

Allison and I are so grateful to our family and friends who have supported us on this journey to grow our Trifecta tribe and make the lives of women a little bit brighter.

Cindy Drummond – just a local YYC girl who believes in the power of Synergy, Synchronicity and Sincerity. Notice her name is sounded in each of these favourite words. Coincidence?

Allison Cartwright – the soul of Trifecta Mind Body Soul. Allison is all about Alliteration, Altruism and Alchemy (the miraculous power of transmuting something common into something precious). She takes every project we work on together and turns it to gold.

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