Ignite the Light Within You

By Meredith Penner

A friend recently posted a desperate meme on her Facebook page asking anyone out there to please, please tell her she is worthy. What follows was the response I was intuitively guided to post. There is so much life to align with, and what I have discovered through various stages of my own development is touched on here. I hope it speaks to your heart and encourages your soul. Or if you have already done this work, perhaps it will give voice to a process, so you might be able to share with someone you care about, in a similar state as my friend…

No matter how many people tell you, you are worthy, it will never be as potent as you telling yourself and believing it. Even if you don’t believe it, stand in the mirror and tell yourself you are open to believing it. Have a heart to heart with your soul and say “I know beauty and joy are more than skin deep. I am not an object. I am a piece of the Divine spark of creation. When I feel hollow it is not about the image I see in the mirror, it is about my core being. It is about the distance between where I am and the truth of my wholeness as my Higher self sees it.” Let it sink in. When you are not aligned with the essence of your highest self (when we criticize our worth, beat ourselves up, believe we will never amount to anything) we put a wedge in that stops the highest and greatest good of our truth to come through and light us up from the inside.

There is an intelligent design within our DNA, if you leap, in faith and say “I AM open to more” This starts a process of healing, a change in perspective, It may seem too easy, but no one can do it for you. You must be willing to put down your fear and calm the voices inside that tell you it can’t be that simple, or that others will find it ridiculous. Take the chance…what have you got to lose? You may fear the unknown, the loss of who you think you are and you may fear feeling even more empty if you give up the negative talk that is inside now…..the familiar voice of self abuse. I assure you, the process is benevolent, it will show you the next steps. If all you can do to start right now is the following reality check: “In this moment I am safe” then start there. Sit with it in silence and see what comes up for you!

Your whole life depends on it, and at the far end of this work (the only real work that humans ever need to do) there is a promise of freedom, joy, life, light and love. We are trapped in the illusion of “less than” as the whole Universe waits behind the veil for each of us to claim our truth, our birthright , our integration of the Divine inside. Your DNA will heal itself, you can speak to it and change it’s program. Don’t be surprised if you are guided to journal…..to write down all of the lower vibrational experiences you have had….even if it takes days (like it did for me) just write all of your ‘shit’ down, then burn it….clear it out. You may find love in it, you may find human nature. There is nothing new under the sun. Anything on that list has happened in the lives of countless others. Get it all out, for your eyes only and start fresh….if you have to do this for an undetermined length of time…gift any amount of time it takes to yourself. Just start…..believe, ask God, The Universe, your Higher self for understanding and ask for strength….start. Look in the mirror and DARE TO SAY….”I chose life in every cell, in every quantum ripple, in every time line, in every belief.” Cut the cords to all things that are not life affirming as you notice they no longer support your choice to become the person you were always meant to be. Step away from anything that doesn’t feel right in your heart, habits, thoughts, deep patterns…start listening to that small voice that shines like cosmic gold, softly in the middle of you…..start trusting that knowing EVERY time. Detach from anything that keeps you in illusion…T.V., internet, videos, anything negative…..and fill your mind with the things you deserve…LOVEing thoughts, kind thoughts, compassionate thoughts and every time a thought wells up inside that is of “old energy” chose to stop it in it’s tracks and ask “is there even a slightly better feeling thought I could be having about this right now” Climb out of hell. It is HARD work, but only you can do it ….and one day, like me, you will realize your mind and heart and soul are on the other side of the emotional see saw, and your are happy, whole and filled with beauty….you no longer hate yourself or feel victim to the world…you don’t care if others like you or not, you only want to help others, and want to feel happy, whole, strong, wise, and proud of yourself, and you start seeing yourself as worthy, as an OVERCOMER, and you want to dance, and enjoy life and see others thriving. You are as perfect as any being that has ever been created, If you were to journey inwards for all of eternity, you would never cease to find fully alive and profound beauty unfolding. This is your birthright. You have all you need within you, you are the only one that can chose to go for it…..there is peace waiting, I am so happy for you!


Meredith Penner is an artist, visionary and conscious entrepreneur. Co-founder of Do Nothing Floatation Centre Inc. and RESONATE™ Organic Juicery in beautiful Invermere B.C. If this article speaks to you please share, and/or connect with Meredith at donothing.ca

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