Living in Mastery and Meditation

By Janet Love Morrison

Most of us, at some point in time, have arrived at a space where it’s time to let go of the old and create the new. Is the way you are – the way you want to be? When we are the way we want to be we are in order. This order is mastery; a movement within this order; is meditation.

How do we start? Master Dhyan Vimal, a modern-day enlightened Master from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, created the Mastery Meditation and it’s a tool for the modern man to stimulate and nurture one’s inner possibilities. Enabling one to achieve all that one can be, which is one’s rightful birthright.

The meditation is a dynamic and active form of meditation. The technique comprises of five parts, with step-by-step guidance and instructions by Master Dhyan Vimal. He created it to awaken your within, to recognize you are the creator of your life. In time, from using this meditation you learn to master your energy.

The Dhyana Centre Vancouver is an oasis of learning open to everyone who wants to awaken to their highest possibilities. We are a community of individuals across Canada (Victoria, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal) dedicated to sharing the teachings of Master Dhyan Vimal whose personal insights provide a pathway to powerful transformation.

The daily meditations, weekly programmes and workshops offer you the opportunity to look deeply into the joys and challenges of your life and gain a unique awareness of who you truly are and how you can be who you want to be.

What is the learning about? There are three core themes that run through the teachings of Dhyan Vimal. These are mastery, meditation and living in abundance.

The understanding that your reality is created by you. An examination and contemplation into belief structures which form the selfs you carry.

When you commit to see you, commit to be in contact with you, and this is the key understanding, and all else is born from this.

Living in Abundance
Seeing that the personal poverty you suffer is your creation. When you break past conditionings that keep you in poverty, creation happens naturally for you to live in abundance.

What format does the learning take?
We experience learning through meditation, video and audio talks from Master Dhyan Vimal, individual reflection and group discussions. The atmosphere is open, inclusive and non-judgmental. There are different levels of learning from beginner to advanced and all are welcome at any level. Join a free introduction to meditation to get you started, then try Simirthi Initiation Programme. Here you will learn to put yourself back into the centre of your life using meditation to come to the remembrance of yourself.

You can choose to join any of the following activities to awaken your possibilities:

Daily meditations
Daily meditations are single evening events where you can learn different meditation practices to deepen your understanding of yourself and the art and science of mastery.

Weekly programmes
Weekly programmes are a series of three to five evenings where themes such as healing, creation, self-awareness and mindfulness are explored.

Workshops are usually two full day events where you can go deeply into structured learnings that deliver the understanding required for the transformation of the individual within and without.

Visit or send an email to for further information. You can also find more learning resources at

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