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The articles in Trifecta Magazine are the reason readers love this publication. Trifecta Magazine inspires well-being and mindful living through community connection, attracting readers with a desire for betterment and providing exposure to the many types of therapies, products and practitioners throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. The articles are inspiring, empowering and informative; offering practical tools to incorporate into our daily lives. Article submissions are always welcome and as this is truly a community publication, writers of all experience levels are encouraged to send their submissions.

The goal at Trifecta Magazine is to inform readers while promoting local talent within our community but not forcing products or services on them. Therefore, we do not charge for editorial space however, articles published are at the sole discretion of the publishers at Trifecta Magazine. We encourage a brief byline at the end of the article to add to the credibility of the author’s words. See below for byline specifications.

Self Promotion:

If you are a business owner, we encourage you to share information about your industry, but please be tactful – do not mention or promote your own company, services or products in the article. Advertising rates are available for just that purpose. We highly encourage contributors to advertise to maximize your exposure and the support through advertising is what assures that Trifecta continues to be published.


Send a brief byline for the end of the article. Byline may be edited for brevity and/or clarity. Ideal format is as follows:

Jane Doe, Certification or Title
Company Name Inc.*

*fees apply for URLs

If you are a business owner and would like to include your contact information and/or a website address in your byline or article there is a $99 fee. Including this information makes it easier for readers to find you and learn more about your business so they can potentially become customers. We are grateful when you do! Since Trifecta Magazine is a free publication for readers, these fees help towards the costs of printing and distribution which means YOU are helping to assure this Calgary-based publication continues to be published in our community.

Article Requirements:

Articles should be approximately 250 to 750 words. Word processing programs have a word count tool to assist you with this. Longer articles are feature articles. These articles are discussed and agreed upon between the writer and the publishers of Trifecta Magazine prior to publishing. If you have an interest in writing a feature, please contact us before submitting the article.

  • Articles may be edited for brevity and/or clarity.
  • Please note: unlike typewriters, computers only require one space after a period.
  • Submissions can be emailed to Acceptable file types are .txt, .doc or .rtf

The subject of articles vary, but must be in line with the theme of mindful living. This includes health, wellness, spiritual growth, social & environmental responsibility, sharing experiences that will touch others or challenge them to think differently. If you are unsure about a topic, please contact Trifecta Magazine ahead of time to discuss the relevancy.


Please include a head shot with your article. Resolution of these photos must be 200dpi – 300dpi. Photos taken from a website are not high enough resolution for printing. You may also include a relevant photo (200dpi – 300dpi) for your article however, its use will be determined by Trifecta Magazine depending on its relevance, quality and space available.

There is no guarantee that your article will be published or which edition it will be published in. We do our very best at Trifecta Magazine to include as many articles as we can.

For more information and deadlines for contributing to Trifecta Magazine email

Privacy Policy: Trifecta Magazine respects your privacy and is committed to protecting any personal information provided. Trifecta Magazine will only collect information from you that is necessary to contact you in the event you become a writer for the publication. Contact information for public viewing on published articles is only with your express consent. Trifecta Magazine does not rent or sell personal information.

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