What does it mean to “not know where the boundaries of the Universe lay”?

Do Nothing

I remember being born, I remember before I was born……and lives before that.

This lifetime, however, is unique. I chose to be an artist, a conscious co-creator with the Divine. What a journey!

In this life, time has begun to disappear. In fact, the Mayans and their study of consciousness cycles pointed to an end of time. 2012 could quite possibly mark the moment in human evolution when we began to leave the notion of linear time behind. A transition that could herald a new expression of our quantum nature and unlock wisdom we have only dreamed of before now.

We are entering into a different energy. Energy is a term we’ve been throwing around for years and yet, science is just now connecting this metaphor to the real and physical consciousness of the cosmos. I have always resonated with the idea that the truth could be this simple. Truly an exciting life this one is, where the emerging study of reality suggests our universe,our minds, bodies, everything within our material dimension is fuelled by electric magnetic energy.

The way that our own galactic centre sends electric pulses every 3-4 seconds and that the whole system transfers that very same flow through our sun and ultimately our consciousness is an adventure I believe we all signed up for in this incarnation.

We are in a portion of our galaxy’s rotation that brings us into direct alignment with the pulse of our galactic centre at this time, a rare and awesome event that humans have never been around for. This new radiation as many are calling it, has some in fear and others practically leaping for joy. Myself I can’t deny the ease with which manifestation is beginning to flow. My Partner and I have recently opened a wellness centre in our home town of, Invermere BC called Do Nothing Floatation Centre. The idea of creating a healing centre is one that goes back to my teen years. It was a sincere heart wish to aid the world in out growing it’s history of war and the distrust of self and neighbour. I am an idealist, a visionary and was just as surprised as anyone that 2012 would actually be the doorway.

I look at the ‘shift’ that seems to have occurred in profound astonishment. It is true, many more these days are ‘waking up’, so much so that wellness is trendy, and hippies are cool!! (Well at least they aren’t looked at as though they have ten heads anymore). There is a general putting down of judgement, boundaries of culture, class, and belief……have you noticed that people are getting along, and crossing realms more freely? I have. I’ve seen more of an open curiosity across the board. I’ve seen a willingness to explore outside of comfort zones and held beliefs. Most of all I feel it in myself as an expansive and deeply relaxing permission to just be.

I laugh to myself sometimes about the profundity of the potential, human beings have chosen. With the internet circling the globe, long standing prophecies of world annihilation fell away with an unassuming collective agreement that “I don’t believe in the world ending and that 2012 thing”. There was a time line that offered that possibility, and somewhere along the way WE chose to dismiss it, and grow up.

I for one, am proud of us! I adore the emerging sense of wholeness, of acceptance and of personal and spiritual maturity I get to witness everyday. I am inspired and excited to be a part of the new design. The most practical, and basic ways to build community are being returned to the ordinary people with big hearts. Net working is a term that used to be associated with profits, now it represents an opportunity for shared innovation. These are the waves that roll over me in daily meditations, that cultivate a practical and grounded hope, that we are doing it!

The boundaries of the Universe are there, if we name them. To not know them, is not to be ignorant of them, it is to dive into them so that they transform into more. Perception is all that separates the surface of the ocean from it’s depths. So it is with this perspective that I invite others to step out of the ordinary and visit us in Invermere, for a little practical magic. Our floatation centre has a little something for the mind, body and soul. The services we offer are massage, float tank sessions, various energy healing modalities and most practical (and delicious) of all organic juice and smoothies.

Bravely and fully with love,

Meredith Penner
Do Nothing Floatation Centre

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