Wisdom from the Akashic Masters: Letting Go

I was so happy to hear that the theme for this issue is ‘Letting Go’. This is such an important thing for us to do on a daily basis and it seems to be highly important in the collective consciousness right now. I’ve been astounded by how much I keep overhearing everyone saying lately “You just gotta let it go!” We just have to keep releasing what we can so we can enjoy our short time here on Earth.

From small frustrations that have a way of ruining your whole entire day, to intense sadness, loss and pain that affects us for years, we have to consciously work towards accepting the experiences we have and let go of the emotional blocks they cause that keep us from moving forward. This, I believe, is easier said than done and can take lifetimes to reconcile, but let’s give ourselves some high fives for what we do accomplish in letting go here and now.

A great lesson I learned about letting go came from my mom who is a Feng Shui practitioner. In Feng Shui, it is said that if you bring in something new you must get rid of something old. It is an essential part of maintaining healthy balance and flow. For example, if you buy a new sweater you should get rid of an old one that doesn’t serve you anymore so that you don’t build up too much clutter. I find I choose the ones that have significance from a time or phase that has past and I’ve moved on from (like the 80’s haha). I don’t need to hold on to those memories that I’m reminded of every time I put it on or see it. Sometimes it’s a hard decision and I need some convincing to let it go, but if I don’t my closet gets ridiculous and I can’t function properly.

I have been applying this principle to my emotional closet as well. For years I have been trying to recover from a very emotionally painful life event. No matter how hard I try to ‘get over it’ I just can’t seem to fully let it go. Before, there just wasn’t enough room in my emotional closet for the good things to come in because the sadness and hurt was taking up all of the room in there. After much hard work and ‘clearing the clutter’, I am finally replacing feelings of not being good enough or worthy with feelings of confidence, love and real happiness.

It has been a long and arduous process, much like the frustrating task of deflating an air mattress rather than popping a balloon. Of course, it was important to have time heal my wounds. Letting the anger and blame slowly seep out has helped me see my own responsibility in this life of mine, and given me back control of how I feel about myself. I’ve had the control all along but I didn’t know how to wield it and was probably more comfortable with it being in someone else’s hands. Well, now I’m not as vulnerable as I was and another lesson has been learned. Go me!

Hopefully my own fumbling around in life will help you feel like you are not alone and you can learn from my mistakes. I put this topic to the Masters in the Akashic Records to offer some more guidance on ‘Letting Go’:

We love that you are sharing a piece of yourself in this article! Sharing and supporting each other are key ways of letting stuff go. The act of verbalizing it is literally releasing it and is very therapeutic. You know how everyone says that when you go to counselling they just ask you questions and the psychologist just sits there and listens, but somehow you feel better after the session? It isn’t about the other person listening or fixing your problems, it is about you vocalizing them and letting it out. So many of you hold in what you are going through and if you just talked to your friends and loved ones you might find that you are not so alone in how you feel. Most of you know this but you do not do anything about it. We suggest even standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself what you feel. Cry it out, be your best friend. You might feel like a goof but you will be releasing it and you will be an inch closer to healing it.

Then LAUGH! This is the biggest release of all besides crying. Even better is when you start crying because you are laughing so hard! Just take yourself back to a time when you laughed so hard your belly hurt, your face hurt, tears came out and you couldn’t stop. Those are the moments in life you will remember. Go and do things that make you feel like that again. If it is watching a funny movie or TV show by yourself, or being with friends who make you feel like that, make time for it.

Many times people don’t believe they can have fun like that, or won’t allow themselves to. In the case of loss, it is so soothing to remember the good times one had with the person gone than it is to focus on the pain of not having them anymore. Remembering a time or experience that made you smile won’t get rid of the suffering, but it will help heal the pain one smile at a time.

You are here to experience love and light in a world of duality. This is not easy. When you pass over to the other side and you reflect on your life, you will be looking for the good. All that will matter to you is how you made others feel. Your experiences are meant to shake your world up. Go and find the light in all of them.

Christy Lowrance
Certified Akashic Record Reader

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