Wisdom from the Akashic Records: Resolve to be Strong

Christy Lowrance

By Christy Lowrance

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth”. – Jesus

I don’t know why, but I cannot get this quote out of my head as I am considering what it means to be strong. With the state of the world the way it is, it seems like it is more important than ever. War, poverty, and climate change are forcing us to make a decision on where we stand. As awful as these realities are, it feels like more and more people are choosing love, compassion and understanding over fear, greed and power. So how do we remain strong enough, collectively and individually, to transition this New Earth into the world we want it to be?

I’m not a Christian but I have read a lot about Jesus from sources outside of the Bible and I am fascinated by him. He is the Ultimate Dude and the strongest person I have ever read about. Back in University I wrote a paper on Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous proclamation that ‘God is Dead’, and even Nietzsche was inspired by the exemplary way Jesus lived his life, and envisioned his ideal ‘Overman’ with Jesus partly in mind. Jesus is the example, the living proof, of our incredible human potential if we would only allow ourselves to live like him.

Jesus was a beautifully kind Human Being and was authentic to his core about who he was and why he was here. He didn’t let fear rule his life, he let love rule it. He was fierce in his faith and unshakeable in his knowing that Spirit/God/Source loves us and has empowered us to live a Divine Life. Jesus spent his whole life trying to convince us that we could do it too – we have to try, right?

So what does the above quote mean in modern terms? How do we find the strength to be wholly authentic and true to ourselves and others, and why do we have so much difficulty in finding the Christ Self/God Centre within us? I have put these questions to the Masters in the Akashic Records to find out more about Him and Us.

Jesus is obviously pointing at a different kind of strength than we value today. How can we best interpret his advice in today’s world? You have to allow yourselves to just BE. That is the most important thing we can tell you about strength. All of you know in your heart what your gifts are, and by allowing You to be You, and giving the world your gift, you are doing what you were meant to do. So where does strength come in? By choosing to be yourself under ALL circumstances; fighting off the pressure to conform to what other people want you to be; not allowing other people to define what your strengths are; always following that gut feeling inside of you, knowing that you can trust yourself and should ALWAYS trust yourself in your knowing. You are good enough. You ARE greatness.

How did Jesus become so authentic, and how can we learn from him? Jesus did a lot of soul searching. Truthfully. It was what he felt inside. He followed his heart and his instinct. His curiosity was endless, but what drove him was the search for that beautiful feeling he knew was inside of him. Life. Truth. Knowledge. Love. Don’t you want to know too? You have to start inside of yourself. There is no other way. You can learn from others but you are the only one that truly knows why you’re here. Well, and we do too hah! Stop wondering if what you believe in your heart is right or not. It IS. You’re not crazy to follow your dreams. That’s what you’re supposed to do. And maybe you’re not here to be the expert on Spirit, maybe it’s technology or community work, or anything in between. Nicola Tesla followed his instincts and his gifts and left a legacy behind as did so many others. Many others you have never heard about because they weren’t famous. Maybe you’re not meant to be in the spotlight or achieving grandiose accomplishments, but you are happy, doing what feels right. That’s what matters.

What is blocking so many of Us from finding the God/Light within us? Trust. And Fear. Capital ‘F’. Oh the things you could do if you just trusted yourself and Spirit without fear! These are not complicated answers really, and you already knew that didn’t you? For centuries the powers that be told you not to mess with that stuff, and that you couldn’t do it on your own. That only the powerful could tell you what your relationship with Spirit was. That is not what Jesus said at all. Many were killed for being their true selves, and the lingering fear from the past affects you today. Let go of it. You live in a New Earth with different energy and more freedom. Trust in yourself and Spirit that everything will be ok. You will always have what you need if you remain humble and loving and true to yourself.

And finally, what is the most important thing we should know about being strong and resilient? Love saves all. There is nothing stronger than Love, and that is what Jesus meant by the above quote. Love always has your back, even when you feel no one else does. Spirit’s love. Love for humanity. Love for each other. It comes from places you knew it would and even places you didn’t know it would. So if you are feeling weak or lost or angry, be strong and reach for love. Look back at all those times you were broken and how love picked you up and held you. Be strong in your love and compassion for others and always fight for it. Smiles and laughter can diffuse all the fear and hate. Love is always the right path.

Christy Lowrance
Certified Akashic Record Reader

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