Wisdom from the Akashic Records: The Power of Light

By Christy Lawrence

Recently, I experienced a significant life event that I would like to share with you because I think it reflects what I have learned from the Masters in Akasha. My hope is that you feel or understand my experience to be one of love, light and happiness.

I took my four year old daughter to visit my Dad and Step-Mom in Bellingham, WA over the Easter weekend and we had the best time ever. We drove alongside the Puget Sound down Chuckanut Drive to see the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley; we stopped in the quaint village of Edison to eat beautiful food and shop in my favourite store called The Lucky Dumpster; we participated in the sweetest egg hunt put on by the neighbors; drank yummy pints beside the trees on the sunny patio of Skylark’s; and danced to the beat of the drums playing on the beach. It was perfect.

The night before we were to leave, I started having sharp pains in my abdomen. I’d had them before and expected them to be gone the next day but they weren’t. I waited it out at my Dad’s for the pain to subside (FYI the pot cookie I ate did wonders for relieving the pain, more than any other chemical painkiller I took) and then booted it to Vernon, BC, the next stop on my itinerary. As soon as I got there I flopped on my aunt and uncle’s couch. We were starting to realize this was serious, and then, like an angel, my other uncle unexpectedly stopped in for a quick visit. An angel because he happens to be a doctor and was able to give me a quick diagnosis – it was my gall bladder and I needed to go to the hospital.

Already I was seeing the good in the bad, as the Masters in the Akashic Realm are always pointing us to; my daughter and I were in excellent hands with my beautiful, loving, helpful family that dropped everything for us, the healthcare wasn’t going to cost a billion dollars, and there was morphine. I had just had an amazing weekend with my family and friends, my Mom and husband drove in from Calgary just to be with me, my colleagues at work were caring and let me know that everything was taken care of, my friends were offering support via technology, and the staff at the hospital were great. I felt so loved and cared for I thought my head might pop off.

I’d never had any body part removed, so I was scared and really didn’t know what to expect. I stayed strong but allowed myself to cry once or twice just to let it out. People go through this all of the time, I reassured myself, so be as strong as them. I realize now that as soon as these pains started happening I was humbled. Humbled because I knew I needed everyone’s help, that I had to give up control over most everything and TRUST in every one in every way. I asked Creator and all of the Beings of Light to help me through this, and that was incredibly reassuring knowing that I had their protection and support. I know it isn’t a tangible thing one can see or touch, but it is something one can feel, and it helped me feel safe.

When I awoke from the anesthetic after the surgery, my whole body was shaking. I felt intense pain in the place where the organ once was, and I felt an overwhelming urge to cry and mourn the loss of a part of me. All of this hit me at once and I tried my best to manage it. I was the only patient in a big room with empty beds, and there was one nurse there to care for me. Unfortunately, she turned out to be Nurse Ratched’s sister and I had the worst experience ever. She was behaving like a control freak know-it-all and I was bewildered as to why she would be trying to have this power trip over me, especially since all the other staff had been so good to me. It was upsetting but I got through it. I asked to be alone and when she wouldn’t I asked her what her name was. That shut her up! Given everything I felt when I woke up and my experience with the nurse I started to cry really hard but it hurt like hell so I tried to stop. Thankfully I was transferred fairly quickly back to my unit and I was under the care of an amazing nurse named Amanda.

Back in Calgary, I had every intention of filing a complaint about that nurse. I didn’t want anyone else to have to suffer through that and I wanted her to have to take a mandatory course on bedside care. But I thought more about it and considered what her story was. What happened in her life that made her feel like she needed to do that to people? Did she have a hard life and that was how she coped or responded? Who was it in her life that she didn’t receive enough love from? And who am I to judge her as I’m surrounded in an ocean of love? Then I envisioned her boss having to talk to her about it and how difficult and ugly that would be for both of them. So no, I thought, I will send her love instead of more negativity, as I have heard the Masters advise countless people to do for others experiencing conflict.

I know exactly why this all happened to me and I’m better off having experienced it. I feel like I’m flying because of all the love and light, and my gratitude is beyond words. My family got that much closer and we made delicious lemonade out of one big lemon.

Christy Lowrance
Certified Akashic Record Reader

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